our panel of resident and guest speakers.


Andrew Picard is the Director of the Carey Graduate School and lectures in Public Theology and Systematic Theology at Carey Baptist College. Andrew has published in the areas of Christian Doctrine, Baptist theology and history, postcolonial whiteness and racism, and theology and disability. Andrew’s interests are found at the intersectional possibilities of interdisciplinary research in theology and culture and their implications for Christian faith and life. Along with teaching, Andrew is completing his PhD which explores Colin Gunton’s trinitarian theology of culture. Andrew is a registered Baptist Minister, Co-President of New Zealand Baptist Research and Historical Society, Associate Editor of The Pacific Journal of Baptist Research, and on the Editorial Board of Archer Press.

dr. christa mckirland

Christa McKirland is a lecturer in systematic theology at Carey Baptist College. With degrees in philosophy, bible exposition, and systematic theology, she enjoys bringing these disciplines together in order to speak into what it means to flourish. Ultimately, to be a flourishing human is bound to God’s personal presence and thus her doctoral work focused on the concept of fundamental need and how human beings are uniquely suited to need God in a particular way. Christa is also the Executive Director of Logia International, an organisation that encourages women to pursue postgraduate divinity education for the sake of the academy and church.

DR. csilla saysell

Csilla (Chee-lah) Saysell was, until recently, lecturer in Old Testament at Carey Baptist College. She is now a freelance writer, creating Bible-reading notes for Christians on her blog (labradoritemoments.com) and engages in church-facing teaching and preaching in a non-formal capacity. She has also regularly contributed to Scripture Union’s Bible reading notes (Encounter with God series) since 2015. Csilla has a desire to interpret Scripture faithfully in its context and to find meaningful applications that bring its message to life.


Greg is a Lecturer of Theology at Laidlaw College. His focus is on the role of the Spirit in the life of the church and exploring the interaction between science and theology. Before taking up his current role, Greg’s journey has included Ph.D.’s in both systematic theology and quantum physics, being the senior pastor of a local Auckland suburban Baptist church, and strategic management consulting. Greg is married to Diane and has two children, Emily and James. He and his family attend Mt Albert Baptist Church.


John is the Principal of Carey Baptist College and lectures in church history and homiletics. He also coordinates Carey’s School of Preaching, which resources preachers throughout New Zealand. In 2010 he completed his PhD thesis on the history of Baptist engagement in public debate within New Zealand and has published a number of papers, and one book, on the subject. John is Secretary of the New Zealand Baptist Research and Historical Society and Associate Editor of the Pacific Journal of Baptist Research. He serves on the editorial panel of Archer Press and on the executive committee of the Australasian Academy of Homiletics.


Karen Nelson is currently lecturing the Pentateuch course at Carey Baptist College. She has worked in the fields of primary education, teacher education, children’s ministry, Presbyterian parish ministry, school chaplaincy, and theological education. Karen’s PhD research focused on the word Hesed, that describes God’s love in the Old Testament and its relationship with the New Testament. Her professional interests include Biblical Studies, the Hebrew language, preaching, worship leading, pastoral conversations, mentoring and developing leaders, women in ministry, curriculum development, and resourcing the Church for ministry and mission. She also enjoys music, dance, nature walks, and historical novels.

leslie foster

MA (linguistics)

Leslie, originally from the USA but now living in New Zealand, spent eight years in Indonesia and Singapore teaching linguistics and English as a second or foreign language in two Indonesian universities, Kartidaya and Asia SIL. Since April 1999, Leslie has been a trainer for Wycliffe Bible Translators New Zealand where she has been teaching language learning and linguistics in New Zealand and around the Asia-Pacific area.

ps. margaret spicer

We are so blessed to have Margaret Spicer as Executive Pastor and Next Generations Pastor at Greenlane Christian Centre. Margaret is an experienced communicator and a strategic leader with a passion for the next generation, she has spoken at conferences globally and assists many churches in developing strategies. As part of Think Orange International, she is all about bringing the light of the church into the unconditional love of the home. She coaches leaders, helping churches navigate the challenges of aligning ministries and developing strategies that engage families.


dr. myk habets

Myk has taught theology for a number of schools and universities in NZ and abroad and joined Laidlaw in 2019 as a senior lecturer in Theology and Head of Theology. 

Myk has a passion to teach theology. He has a special interest in pneumatology and is a world-leading scholar of Third Article Theology, theosis, Spirit Christology, the theology of Thomas F. Torrance, Evangelical Calvinism, and the theological interpretation of Scripture. Myk is co-editor of Pacific Journal of Theological Research, Co-editor of Journal of Theological Interpretation, Associate Editor of Participatio, Chair of the New Zealand Association of Theological Schools (NZATS), and Vice-President of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools (ANZATS). Myk is an ordained Baptist Minister, is married, and has two children.